Ron's 1971 Westfalia  

The Air-cooled VW Handiwork of

Ron Van Ness,

Dale Mueller,

Caspar de Lint

and Friends  





Ron's '71 Westfalia
'71 Westfalia celebrates engine's maiden voyage. (More photos)

Dale's Thing
Dale's "Sam the '73 Thing" strikes a pose. (More photos)

Caspar the Clutch Caspar's Real Wild Pano

Caspar fabricating his gasoline heater exhaust. The Real Wild Pano arrives in style at the Brighton seafront. (More photos)  

Technical Articles


  • Seat Padding Replacement (driver's seat '68-'74 Bus) by Caspar de Lint

  • Accessorizing the Bus

  • Custom Tool and Hydraulic Floor Jack Storage in a '71 Westy

  • A Roof Rack over the Long Style '68-up Bus Poptop

  • Replacing the '69-79 Bus Front Door Lock Spring


  • Dual Circuit Master Cylinder Reservoir Tips


  • Lessons Learned on Rebuilding the Air Cooled 1600cc by Dale Mueller

  • Engine Test Stand by Dale Mueller

  • Compression Ratio Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet) by Dale Mueller and Ron Van Ness

  • Type 3 Air Deflector (Cool Tin) Installation

  • Doghouse Oil Cooler Sealing Frame Fabrication by Dale Mueller

  • A First Timer's 1600cc Engine Rebuild Notes

  • 1600cc Rebuild Parts Check List

  • An Auxiliary Oil Cooler Option

       Gasoline Heater:

  • "Convert your Fridge on Wheels" (BN4 in a bus) by Caspar de Lint


  • '71 Transmission & Shift Rod Make Over

Trip Reports and Photos:

  • Hannover, Germany Trip (Spring 1996) by Caspar de Lint

The Road to Air Cooled VW Omniscience