1600cc Engine Rebuild Parts Check list
by Ron Van Ness
August 13, 1997

     What follows is the list of parts, services, prices and vendors that went into the building of my 1600 engine. Many small items are listed so I think this will make a useful check list for anyone building a 1600 (especially a '71 with stock exhaust). In the course of a rebuild you'll find that small, unanticipated things like rubber bits and nuts/washers need replacement--everything I encountered is mentioned. If I don't list an item, I had a good used part that worked (prominent examples: engine case, head studs, engine tin).

     The prices are what I paid--you might find better deals out there, these are just for your reference. I chose to purchase from certain vendors because I knew from past experience they provided high quality. There are of course many vendors to choose from--in the end who I purchased from was based mostly on personal choice all things considered. Some parts listed are extras for future use (additional distributor o-rings, plugs etc.) so my total cost is slightly inflated by that. I list some additional tools I purchased for this rebuild specifically. The tool list is deceptively small because I had a lot of tools to begin with. You'll need special tools that I don't list (e.g. piston ring compressor, valve spring compressor, etc.).

     I wasn't shooting for a specific bottom line cost when I began. I simply bought over the course of a year the type and quality of parts I wanted to go into my engine as I could afford them. If you can do without certain items or if you choose to "cut corners", you could rebuild a 1600 for a whole lot less. I'd recommend using my figures as a very conservative estimate on the cost involved and budget your rebuild from there. Some people can rebuild a 1600 on a $500 budget. In the course of my rebuild I discovered for one reason or another I wouldn't do that. I'm the extreme so find a happy middle ground for yourself.

     My rebuild isn't complete yet, but this parts list is. If you have the money, the parts buying part is a cinch (just remember you are the final quality control inspector!)--your labor and care in interpreting and applying the writings of Wilson, Hoover, Fisher, Berg etc. are what is really critical. I probably wouldn't have embarked on such a grand scale rebuild without Bob Hoover especially and all the helpful voices on Ken Hooper's list. Engine building in general has been demystified for me, I now look forward to building even better engines in the future (but primarily simply maintaining the one I just built for a long time!).

     Good luck with your rebuild!

1971 Bus Stock 1600 Dual Port Engine Rebuild (stock ignition and carburation)
Modifications: full flow filtration, static and dynamic balancing, kool tin Adjusted Compression Ratio: 7.0:1 (parts out of box yielded 8.0:1) Engine Case #: AE492883 Initial distributor drive gear play: .042" (used 5 shims totaling .118") Initial crankshaft endplay: .0034 (used 3 shims .014", .010", .009")

*** Parts/Labor purchased during 1996-1997 in US dollars *** Machining and Balancing Price Vendor Clean case and align bore (.020" over) and face cylinder seating surfaces 35.00 Rimco Install stud inserts (case savers) 40.00 Rimco Polish stock crank (Standard size) 10.00 Rimco Reconditioned rod set (exchange) SIR (Standard--big end honed, new small end bushing, studs/nuts) 20.00 Rimco Resurface flywheel 40.00 Acme Auto LA CASE38 Drill, tap, spot face case for full flow and install fitting 12.75 Berg Balance reciprocating and rotating engine parts 140.00 Auto Machine Clean case final time (Jet cleaner with chemical) 21.20 Acme Auto Machining and Balancing Total: $318.95 Engine Parts Price Vendor Main/Rod/Cam bearings (.020-STD/STD/STD) 50.00 Rimco Stock Camshaft with 3 rivet, flat, -1 Gear (113 109 019D)(Mahle)50.40 Berg GB325B Stock Lifter Set 32.80 Berg GB233A 26mm Oil Pump plugged for Full Flow (Schadek--aluminum) 43.75 Berg GB002 85.5mm Piston/Cylinder Set (Cofap) 113.10 Berg GB060A Custom barrel spacer set (.060") 52.00 Berg 2 Seals for heat riser plates (113 119 597) 1.80 Berg 2 Seals for heat riser covers (113 119 599) 12.30 Berg Gas line rubber grommet (171 971 913) (bought 3/$1.48 each) 4.44 Berg Accelerator cable tube seal (VWB149 949 149.1) 0.80 Berg GB246C Full flow kit 68-71 Bus (20" braided steel teflon lines, fittings, pump cover) 105.40 Berg ADD 239-B (Additional charge for press. relief cover) 13.85 Berg Oil filler cap gaskets (111 115 487) (.60 each, bought 2) 1.20 Berg distributor o-rings (111 905 261) (.85 each, bought 5) 4.25 Berg GB111B 50 HP gasket set, dual oil pressure relief 8.70 Berg 2 Lower front engine to transmission case studs (10x85)($1 each) 2.00 Berg Case cam plug (113 101 157C) 1.20 Berg Pulley Bolt Washer (111 105 259) 1.05 Berg Pulley end Oil pressure spring (111 115 421A) 0.00 (Reused old) Flywheel end oil pressure spring (111 115 425A) 1.25 Berg Crush washers for oil relief plugs (N13 817 1)(bought 4/.30 each)1.20 Berg GB202 (GB200 & GB201 set) Gland nut and washer 14.65 Berg 211 259 283 spring thay fastens the horizontal rod to the flaps (need four) VW Dealer N 100 596 04 Bolt holding rear motor mounts to chassis (2@$1.70) 3.40 VW Dealer 113 905 451A Spark plug wire organizer clips (set of 3) 1.95 Bug City NOS Right side 1600 bus heat exchanger 69.95 Bus Depot Two new S.American Dual Port cylinder heads (2@ 119.95) 239.90 Bus Depot 113 117 021 New Doghouse Oil cooler 42.95 Bus Depot Dansk Left side 1600 bus heat exchanger 95.00 Volks-motorsports Set Bosch plug wires with air seals 13.95 Volks-motorsports Bug Pack Silicone Spark Plug wires with Corvair grommet seals (part #3520-14) 9.00 East Coast Connection Bosch W8AC plugs (set) 6.00 Volks Motorsports Bosch W8AP plugs (set) [Platinums] 7.59 Pep Boys Ignition Points ('71 Bus Distributor Bosch # 0 231 173 001) 3.95 Volks-motorsports Condensor ('71 Bus Distributor Bosch # 0 231 173 001) 6.95 Volks-motorsports Distributor Cap ('71 Bus Distributor Bosch # 0 231 173 001) 6.95 Volks-motorsports Distributor Rotor ('71 Bus Distributor Bosch # 0 231 173 001) 4.50 Volks-motorsports Sachs Clutch kit (Throwout bearing, clutch disk, diaphram pressure plate) 80.00 Volks-motorsports Set Pushrod tubes (8) 8.00 Volks-motorsports Viton pushrod tube seals (16) 5.60 Volks-motorsports Muffler O.E.M. German, '65-71 Bus 211251051E 65.00 Volks-motorsports Muffler install kit 211 298 009A 11.00 Volks-motorsports Damper Pipe 147 251 157 17.95 Volks-motorsports Tail pipe 211 251 237B 5.95 Volks-motorsports Kit Damper and tailpipe installation kit 211 298 055 12.00 Volks-motorsports Oil deflection seals 113 109 619 (Set of 8) 2.80 Volks-motorsports Rubber Intake manifold boots 113 129 729B (pair) OEM 7.00 Volks-motorsports Fuel pump (for use w/generator) 113 127 025D 19.95 Volks-motorsports Carburetor pre-heat paper/foil hose 028 129 087A 2.50 Volks-motorsports Woodruff key, Timing gear 111 105 213 (used) 0.00 Volks-motorsports Woodruff key, Crank pulley 113 105 249 (used) 0.00 Volks-motorsports Steel Timing Gear, Crank 113 105 209 22.00 Volks-motorsports Pair Type III Air deflector tin (Kool Tin) VW Brazil (used) 15.00 Volks-motorsports 113 119 585B Fresh air hose base seals (63-71 bus)(sold as pair) 3.60 Volks-motorsports Pressure Plate hex bolts with washers (Set of 6) 1.20 Volks-motorsports 111 813 741G Firewall rubber front engine seal 4.95 Volks-motorsports 111 813 705D Rear rubber engine seal (for bug) 7.95 Volks-motorsports 12v Generator brush set (111 903 515E) 1.89 Bug City Muffler Damper Pipe Bracket 211 251 301A (German) 5.95 Bug City Distributor Drive Gear, brass 111 105 223 12.95 Bug City Case hardware kit (159 pcs: nuts, fasteners for type I engine case--Bug Pack) 17.98 Bug City 113 198 031 Oil strainer gasket kits (1600cc)German (set of 5) 3.95 Bug City 111 115 175B Oil strainer screen (1500-1600cc) Mexico Note: Buy German next time, mesh is too large on Mexican version 2.95 Bug City 043 109 451 Valve adjust screws 8mm 1600cc (set of 8) 2.95 Bug City 2 rubber accordian seals for end of heater cable tube (used) 1.00 Swap meet (Norwalk) 71 Bus dual vac distributor (Bosch # 0 231 173 001 VW# 211 905 205Q) 35.00 Good used Engine Parts Total: $1405.25 Tools Price Vendor Free standing VW engine assembly stand (used) 20.00 Bug City Plastigage 3.19 Pep Boys Blue Loctite 4.99 Pep Boys Crank Gear Puller Tool (sale price) 47.99 JC Whitney GB751 Deck Height Measuring Tool 23.10 Berg GB801-SET 800&801 Berg manual sets 35.00 Berg GB9010 Permatex 3H for case halves 4.05 Berg GB9020 Green Loctite 10cc 7.40 Berg Stainless steel safety wire (.032" to secure kool tin) 12.32 Norman Marine Tools Total: $158.04 Shipping Costs Price Vendor Ship to Rimco (Case, rods, crank) 32.73 Rimco Ship COD from Rimco (Case,rods,crank) 48.00 Rimco Parts order 27.40 Berg Ship Case to Berg for full flow tap/fitting 22.16 Berg Parts order (including Case return) 29.03 Berg Parts order (NOS heat exchanger) 9.00 Bus Depot Parts order 15.00 Bus Depot Parts order 27.00 Volks-motorsports Parts order 9.00 Volks-motorsports Parts order 6.00 Volks-motorsports Parts order 11.20 JC Whitney Shipping Costs Total: $236.52 MISCELLANEOUS CONSUMABLES sandpaper steel wool naval jelly flat black rustoleum (spray and brush on) odorless mineral spirits (degreaser and paint thinner) paint brushes hand cleaner dental picks tooth brushes latex gloves gun brush (crank oil drillings) motor oil (Castrol 10w40) CV moly grease (assembly lube) STP oil treatment (lifter bore lube) Indian gasket shellac Permatex blue silicone sealer Bon-Ami cleanser (jugs) liquid wrench hand cleaner Misc. Consumables (estimated): $75.00 Machining and Balancing Total: 318.95 Engine Parts Total: 1405.25 Tools Total: 158.04 Shipping Costs Total: 236.52 Misc. Consumables (estimated): 75.00 GRAND TOTAL: $2193.76 Additional items yet to purchase: * Carb rebuild gasket kit for 34 Pict * fan belt * Heat exchanger Air tubes (genuine VW) 17.25 ukp (need 2) Just Kampers JK8243 Vendors: Acme Auto Supply Machine Shop 544 New Park Ave West Hartford, CT 06119 860-232-4444 Auto Machine Dick 660 Nutmeg Rd South Windsor, CT (860) 528-4184 Bill Barry Volkswagen Ken Rybczik (Parts Manager) New Park Ave. West Hartford, CT 06119 Bug City Dave Valickis Berlin, Connecticut USA (860)666-CITY or (860) 666-2489 1-888-BUG-CITY Bus Depot Ron Salmon 4801 Gravel Pike Perkiomenville, Pa. 18074 (215) 234-VWVW Gene Berg Enterprises 1725 North Lime St. Orange, California 92665 714-998-7500 fax: (714) 998-7528 JC Whitney Just Kampers Norman Marine (Neil) 625 New Park Ave West Hartford, CT 860-232-2628 Pep Boys Rimco 520 East Dyer Rd Santa Ana, CA 92707 (714) 549-0357 (800) 331 4775 Rocky Mountain Motorworks 1003 Tamarac Parkway Woodland Park, Colorado 80863-7716 1-800-258-1996 Volks-motorsports Kyle Wade (& Gina) 1823 Soquel Ave Santa Cruz, Ca 95062

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