Ron's VW Photos
January 6, 2000

Alas, I sold my bus in the summer of 2000 and bade farewell to my VW habit. I enjoyed my decade long association with aircooled VWs and their tenacious pilots. I hope that you will enjoy my record of photos and articles. Keep the good VW karma flowing. -Ron

Spiffy after the yearly wash and wax. About every other year, rims and bumpers receive a fresh coat of white Rustoleum and the front wheel arches get cosmetic/pseudo-structural plastic filler surgery. Salty winters remove a square foot of body sheet metal at roughly the same rate.

Keyser Pond Campground, New Hampshire, USA 1998.

The Space Station Muir.

Docking completed. Toggling exhaust fume generator off. Setting camping switch to the "on" position. Initiating Westfalia mode.

Note hastily attached "new" roof rack, installed with rope prior to departure.

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