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From the vintagebus archives
Hammer Welding (answer)
Welding Type 1 Magnesium Case
Welding Stuff, mig, wire welder, brazing ..
Re: RFC: Torque, and tools. and what not to do...
Crankshaft, Flywheel, Weights
Crankshaft, general description
Re: Head studs jam, preheater pipe 'n rockers
Re: Hot-rodding the Fuel Injection...Will Wood
Hot-rodding the Fuel Injection
re: Installing swvel foot adjusters
Combustion Deposits, Cleaning of . . .
C.V. Joints, The doin' of
re: Help with valve geometry/lube!
Making a Gasket
The Complete Lowdown on Valve Springs!..By Will Wood
Permatex and Sump plates (type 1)
re: Valve springs
Random . . stuff . .
Straightness of a Rod
Velocity Stacks
Plug Insert Install
Cheap Seat Rebuild
How to measure deck height
Re: VTG, Rocker shims...
VTG, Rocker shims & swivel foots
VTG and rocker assembly II
Full Flow Oil Pump
Oil Bath Air Filter vs Paper Filters
Oil Cap mayonaise and beyond
Choosing a camshaft
Valve Train Lubrication
VTG and the camshaft connection
Re: 30W & zero temps & battery
Non-sequitur VW fluff
Re: Valve Train Geometry - Theory Meets Metal
Re: Valev Train Geometry - Theory Meets Metal..Robert King
Valve Train Geometry - Theory Meets Metal
Dwell Meter/Tachometer, operation of
Rust and Carbon, Solvent for...
Gauges, Accuracy
CC'ing the Heads
Karma on Greyback fluff
Re: Jug spacers and head alignment
Re: Oil Stuff
V-Dub Airplanes fluff
Head heights on Ol' Thrasher
Using a strobe timing light
Files, metal, cutting, substitute
The Dummy Jug, Tool
Carb CFM and Jet sizes (numbers)
Air leaks n' sutff
Tapping holes by hand
Catalytic Converters
Points and Dwell
Cam Sizes Error, long......Tom David
Lapping the valves
Crankcase ventilation & Blowby
Balancing CR. Long n' Short Jugs
The Coil n' Points, lightin' the fires
RK Electronics, pumping your spades
More on Piston Balancing
Re: Wire Ampacities......Jeff DieBolt
Wire Ampacities and Kirchoff
Balancing Pistons
Rod Balancing
Vacuum Gauge Diagnostics
Rocker Arm Rebuild. . .by an old woman
Fuel Injection. . .Is Fun!
Oil Pump, a heart for the tin man
Distributor, the brain
Strokin' and engines
Valves: Overlap on cam
Valves: The Gates of Hell
Vapor Lock - What is it?
The Terror of "Gas Cuts"
Cam's & Valves
Valve Guides & Stem Seals
Valve Train Geometry - What is it?
Heads, and numbers for your heads
Smog stuff for your heads
Porting the Single Ports
Bearings Stuff (no numbers)
Carburetor Stuff (no numbers)
Pistons 'n Cranks 'n Numbers
Head studs and numbers
Port-n-polish notes
Crankcase ventilation & Blowby
Smog, what, why, and how
Flywheels 'n numbers
Old cases and faying surfaces
Unusual pistons and other scary stuff
Full flow filters and Ford Hyd. Lifters
Fluff article, Destruction and Mayhem

Other stuff written by Mike....

In Re: to new engines, hyd. lifters, and other stuff
Re: Should I Port & rebuild my own heads, or buy?
Engine Stud Removal
Distributer Overhaul
Oil Changes
Winter/Summer Gas Differences
Different Seats in a Bug
Mixing your own gas
Hoisting a Type 4 Engine

Info Written by other people:
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LATE! [way way late!] The on going saga of Baby's oil temp......Rob K.
Distributor Vacuum Hoses - Where do they go?...Jim Thompson
How a dual circuit brake worning light system works!...I've lost the orignal posters name and addy, if its you, please contact me!..d
VW 1600 Bus longblock replacement steps
Old, but new! Rear Wheel Camber...Ric Campbell
More on My Oil Temp Saga in Baby
The Oil Temp Saga in Baby (revisited)
Tire Size, rear-ends, & Horsepower (sermon)
Spark Advance 2
Spark Advance 1
Bus Heat Systems-Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer 101
Our Most Holy Distributor.......Joe Perez
Rebuilding an alternator......Michael Jones
VW Fun - Texas Style.......Joe Petty
Engine Swaps -- the Boys are Back in town!...Ken Hooper
Brake Bleeding......Cal Grant
Steering Wheel Adjustment......Robert Kuhn
Re: Dwell/Tach, operation of......Steven Dolan
Re: Dwell/Tach, operation of......Lbart
Baja's, tranny's and tire sizes......Frank Klein
Reasons to get another bus......John Siple
German Silver Metallic Paint......BudWil
Changing Windshields......Clara
Engine Break in......Tom David
What is VW Karma?......Gregory Daughtry
Holiday Bus Songs
The Coil n' Points, Alternate Version..Michael Butler
Random Acts of Stupidity (a- Anyone have a better name?)
1958 VW junkyard rescue!
The Oil Temp Saga......Robert Kuhn
Notes for running an aircooled VW on LPG......Hanno Spoelstra
Uses for old brake drums
Re: Replacing the oil cooler......Dennis Farr
Exhaust Gas Analysis......Will Wood
Oil Cooler Replacemnt......John Kronkaitis
Re: Gasoline Formulations- More Gas Info......Thomas David
AS21 vs. AS41 cases, hard numbers
The Proper Compression Test......Ken Hooper
Valve Adjustment - Procedure......BusBoys
Automotive Gasoline FAQ
German Terms (funny...)