This list is for 1949 to 1967 buses. If you don't have one of these, or are not interested in them, then you're on the wrong list.

Vintagebus is about being in buses on the road, keeping buses on the road, and rescuing forlorn or neglected buses and putting them back on the road. Mainly, it's a technical/mechanical resource, although we also welcome trip reports, for sale advertisements, and "here's what I fixed today" messages.

This list IS NOT A CHAT SESSION, and if you treat it as one your subscription will be cancelled. Before you post a message please make sure that it has legitimate bus content. This is enforced.

"Legitimate" means that there is a good reason that 800 other people should spend their time reading your message. "Bus" means not-Beetle, not-Ghia, not anything but aircooled Transporters. There are other lists for other models. General mechanical/technical/shop stuff is fine if it applies to somebody's Transporter problem.

This really --no kidding-- applies to those of you who signed on by way of America On Line and/or who think it would be a good idea to post a message in ALL CAPS.

This is a high-volume list. You can expect 30 to 100 messages per day. If you aren't prepared to deal with this kind of mail volume, a smart alternative is to read the list from its archive on the web when you have time:

This list only accepts submissions in plain vanilla 7-bit US-ASCII text. The list server will intercept and return to its author any message whose content type is "multipart", which means that if you write mail in a web browser or in most any Microsoft product you might have to make some adjustments. It's no fun, but you might have to consult the documentation that came with your mail program. Avoiding MIME- encapsulated messages is the only way to ensure that everybody on the list can view your message.

If you don't know what 7-bits, eighty columns means, please send mail to the admin <> so he can explain it to you.

The home page is, predictably, here:

The home page is considered to be part of the list and there is a tremendous amount of information there that can help you; you are encouraged to explore it. In particular, though, familiarize yourself with the Library and Archive pages.

The Library page gives you access to hundreds of bus tech articles from all over the net indexed by subject matter.

The Archive page gives you access to every post to the bus mailing lists, with the ability to search by any word in the subject line or the body of the post.

You are expected to run a search thru the Archives and to have looked in th Library before posting questions to the list. This is to your advantage: you have hundreds of megs of hardcore answers to your questions and the search tools to pull out the information you need. You'll get more answers faster from the search engines than you will if you ask the list to spoon-feed you. Please use this resource early and often.

When replying to list messages, please quote only for context. Do not quote entire messages. Do not quote other people's signature files. Cut quotes to the bone. We already read it once. This ain't usenet.

FRIDAY. TGIF is an institution that started on v@l, our motherlist. It's a release, it's a morale-builder, it's when the content restrictions get loose. Understand that Friday ends at midnight on that day, it does not endure indefinitely. And, even on Friday, messages must have bus content.

There are some subjects that are only appropriate on Friday. These include toys, models, memorabilia, sightings, and surveys. Surveys are those threads that seek everybody's subjective opinion. Sightings are messages about buses spotted in movies and television shows and commercials. Please do not post messages on these subjects on any other day. Newbies are encouraged to get the feel of it first; there's a line, and the veterans know where it is.

Here are the "do not evers". If you do these things you will probably get booted:

--do not ever post "test" messages. (e-mail the administrator, instead!)

--do not ever post server commands to the list.

--do not try to post binaries to the list.

--do not continue a thread after the admin has asked that it be killed.



1. This is not a moderated list. The administrator doesn't see the messages until you do, maybe later than you do, and because of the nature of this medium the administrator has no way of retracting messages from public view. Propogation is automatic; once you send a message, it's gonna go, and there's no way of stopping it.

2. Since that is true, the administrator cannot control what is posted to this list, and therefore disclaims any responsibility for the messages the list server propogates. If you post a message, you alone are responsible for it. If you don't like that, don't post messages.

3. By United States copyright law, messages posted to this list are copyrighted with all rights reserved by their respective authors. The administrator of this list makes no claim to ownership of your messages and will not republish or sell them, and neither should anybody else.

However, cross-posting is common on the Net whether it is authorized or not, and if you post a message to this list it will automatically be entered into at least two publicly accessible archives, where it will remain permanently. If you don't like the possibility of your words being cross-posted or archived, then don't post messages.