Rear End Sag Correction

by Josh Rodgers

The following procedure is a step by step on how to correct the rear ride heighth on '68 - '79 IRS buses.


The time involved varies, of course, but I was able to do the procedure in approximately 5 hours (3.5hrs on the first - learning, 1.5 on the second side - rushing and making stupid mistakes ) without any step by step instructions. I feel with these instructions a person with a good set of tools and a minimal amount of mechanical ability could complete the procedure in appoximately 3 hours. One person could complete the job but I would highly recommend a second person (my procedure includes disconnecting the brake lines which is optional but I recommend it, so you will need a second person to help bleed the brakes when you are done).


(A) Open/box end wrenches: 11mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm (or 3/4), 22mm (or 7/8)

(B) Ratchet with sockets: 16mm, 3/4" (19mm?), 22mm

(C) Jack stands (2)

(D) Large hammer

(E) Pry bar and/or Small wedge

(F) Small flat-head screwdriver

(G) Floor jack

(H) 6mm Allen wrench or triple square wrench, depending on your CV bolts

(I) Good Vice-grips

(J) Protractor

Additionally, I would like to add some optional tools that I used that really made the job easier, but are not necessary.

(A) 3/4 inch drive Air or Electric Impact (an electric impact is one of the best investmensts I have made for old Vw's)

(B) Large floor jack

(C) I presoaked all bolts thoroughly with Liquid Wrench (or similar lubricant).

(D) I want to double-emphasize the word GOOD on the vice-grips, without worn jaws

(E) Brake Fluid


  • (A) Begin by breaking the lug nuts on both rear wheels to easy removal when tires are off the ground.