Front End Swaps

by Vince Knauf

1. How was the Front End swap and did it take long? It took my mechanic about a full day todo it. Advantage of 68+ is replacing the "king pin" front suspensiion joints with the "ball joint" suspension. much smoother and easier to rebuild. disc brakes were added ?year, certainly by 71-72. I did my 69 upgrade to get the ball joints and prepare for later upgrade to discs (and my king pins were shot!!)

2. What years front end would fit a 64 Bus? 68-72 I am told bolt right on. Some small mods may be needed for 73-79 Advantage of 73+ is larger disc brakes.

3. Did it just bolt right in, were any modifications necessary? I am told that the 68-72 just bolts in, the 73-79 requires mods to get the beams to mount, but that the 73-79 spindles bolt onto the 68-72 beam. I am not certain of this.

4. Did you use the old steering box or the one from the 69 bus? Yes

5. How much did the front end cost you and would you recommend this procedure? Recommend? YES! much smoother . cost was the cost of the used parts and a day of the mechanics labor.

6. Did you rebuild the 69 Front End before you put it in and if you did what did you replace? Yes. New ball joints, new wheel cylinders and shoes for the drum brakes.

7. What reference material is available or is that not necessary? ???? No mention in the Idiot book. I am unaware of a "sermon" on the topic. I just asked everyone that I knew and seemed to get some good advice.

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