'50-'67 Type 2 Parts Interchangablity Guide

compiled by Josh Rodgers

Jim Thompson of Sherwood Automotive/OldVolksHome writes:

The Late 63-66 Beetle Headlight assmblies will work on a split window bus provided that: The water drain hole in the headlight rim is drilled in it's proper(bottom) location; The sealed beam SHOULD mount "sideways" for running in a Bus/Pickup. Replacement units (Brazil) from places like myself and WCM are actually Beetle assemblies (and have been for over 15 years), but of course the water drain holes have to be drilled to be authentic for Buses/Pickups.

Late 63-66 Beetle Headlight Assemblies have the Adjustment Screw OFFSET at 2 and 8 o'clock positions. Beetles up to Early 63 (like my '62) have both screws at the bottom. These may have been used on 50's series Buses, but I have nothing to substantiate that. Most Buses I've seen have the OFFSET screw arrangement.

Barb & Eric write:

Split brake cylinders:

The 1955-63 rear cylinders can be use on either side on the rear only. While the front cylinders of the same years are left and right side only. Then with the 1963 only one ton M 215 suspension and the 1964-67 rear cylinders that are either side also. Once again the front cylinders for these years and types are left and right only. None of the 1955-63 brake cylinders can be used on a 1963 only one ton suspension or the 1964-67 buses and visa versa.

Jason McDaniel writes:

'67 and earlier busses and early beetles use the same tie-rod ends.

'62 and earlier busses use the same rear axle nut as beetles.

63 and later busses use the same front spindle bearing nut locking plate washer as beetles.

Deck Lids - Split

'66-'67 busses use the same engine compartment latch as beetles.
'59-'64 deck lids same
'65 decklid is a one-year-only item. Earlier decklids had the pressed steel lever stay to hold them open, and later decklids had the push button latch to open them. '65 is unique because it uses a church-key to open the latch, and the spring stay to hold it open. If you are willing to go un-original you can switch your decklid AND REAR APRON to a '66 or '67 and use the pushbutton decklid.

Doors - Split

'49 has hinges below the beltline (upper hinge is lower than later buses)

'50-early '55 all *normal* barndoor doors are the same (I think)

late '55-'58 the handle base is flush to the door

'59-early'64 the handle base bolts to a depression in the door

The '64-'67 doors are unique to each year (I think)

Blake Sartin writes:

I know for a fact that the air seals for the spark plug wires are a direct replacement for the air seals around the brake and clutch pedal rods going thru the floor on busses.

Josh Rodgers writes:

Early Split cargo doors 1955-1961
Later Split cargo doors 1961-1967
Front Split door 1955-1961
Front Split door 1962-1964

'68-'71 doors except '68's have different door handle outside and different locking system inside. Door reflectors were added in'70 and on models so reflector holes will need to be filled for pre'70 use.

'68-'69 doors used the round door reflectors

Rear hatches 1955-1963
Deck lids 1959-1963
Deck lids 1964-1965
Deck lids 1966-1967

Front bumper 1955-1958
Front bumper 1959-1965
Front bumper 1966-1967
Front buper bracket 1955-1958
Front bumper bracket 1959-1967

Rear bumper1953-1958
Rear bumper 1959-1965
Rear bumper 1966-1967
Rear bumper bracket 1954-1958
Rear bumper bracket 1959-1967

Radio block off plate 1955-1966
Radio block off plate 1967 only

Front seat 1955-1960 bench
Front seat 1960-1961 bench
Front seat 1962-1967 1/3 2/3 or walk thru
Rear seat 1955-1967

Bus tail lites 1957-1961
Bus tail lites 1962-1971

15 inch bus wheels used to 1963
14 inch bus wheels used 1964-1970

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