How to Jack up and Tow a Bus

thanks to Sami Dakhlia

How to jack up a bus

Bus jacking instructions

(David Easterwood warns:

Be VERY careful when jacking up the rear according to this image...

You would be better off jacking at the reinforcement where the cross member & outrigger meets the longitudinal frame member about 6 inches forward of where they are supporting it in the image.

Notice there are 2 small tubes an inch or two outboard of where they are lifting in the image... those house the hand brake cable and the clutch cable.

A PO of my 68 jacked there & bent the clutch cable housing which now puts too much pressure on the cable resulting in a very heavy clutch pedal action and I will have a hell of a time replacing the clutch cable when it breaks.)

How to tow a bus

Bus towing instructions

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