Eberspächer Stationary Model 55/56 Heater for <1967 Type 2

Eberspächer Stationary Model 55/56 Heater for <1967 Type 2

by Steve Harris

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1. Fuel governor (parts)

2. Fuel pump

3. Control valve with electro-magnet

4. Gasket and replacement

5. Painting

6. Miscellaneous parts

7. Hammerite paint

8. Casing, left hand side.

9. Close-up of identification plate

10. Governor (bowl and top ready for assembly)

11. All parts primed (DP50 epoxy)

12. Plenum

13. Fuel filter (original)

14. Motor and housing

15. Close-up of governor

16. Finished heater without intake and exhaust pipes

17. Close-up of heater side

18. Finished heater (ID plate side)

19. Close-up of heater side

20. End view of fan

21. On/off control flap switch (rotary switch) installed with cover

22. Backside view of fusebox, glow plug, and governor/control valve. Empty fuse terminal is for status light.

23. Fuse box top view

24. Thermo and overheat switch with cover installed

25. ID plate

26. Finished assembly (left half)

27. Full view

28. Beru GRU198 6v glow plug

29. Finished heater (right half)

30. Glow plug (coil view)

31. Main switch, loom, and bracket parts

32. Fuse box

33. Main switch and bracket (top view)

34. Main switch and bracket parts

35. Air control flap arm

36. Main body (top view)

37. Main plenum with main switch installed

38. Main air duct

39. Main body without fan and heat exchanger

40. Fuel pump mounted

41. Governor and glow plug

42. 6 volt fuel pump

43. Thermo switch and loom

44. Heater (main body)

45. Thermo/overheat switch wiring loom (fuse box end)

46. Thermo switch

47. Overheat lead (purple) and microswitch

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