Flywheel Swap ('72-'79 Type 2)

by Jim Thompson

The following flywheels were originally equipped on the Type 4 based engine Bus 72-79:

72-74 1700 210mm Flywheel

74-75 1800 215mm Flywheel

76-79 2000 228mm Flywheel

Theoretically, any of the 3 flywheels above will directly "bolt-on". However, when using a 228mm Flywheel on 72-75 models, the original 002 Bell Housing and SR15X Starter must be changed to the 76-79 091 Bell Housing and 76-79 Starter (SR87X). Do this complete with the Clutch Operating Shaft (the Release Bearing is the same 71-79 - PN 113-141-165B). In other words: use the 091 Clutch Shaft when making this swap.

Remember - if the flywheel is changed, the crankshaft end play must be re-set. If you just resurface your old flywheel, you "should not" have to re-set the end play. However, it's most wise to check the end play anyway when removing and re-using your old flywheel to insure the end play doesn't exceed .006".

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