Air cooled Vanagon Crankcase Parting Line Fastener List

Air Cooled Vanagon Crankcase Parting Line Fastener List

by Tom Young

Air Cooled Vanagon Case Parting-Line Fasteners
Number of Fasteners Description Cumulative Fastener Count
1 small bolt/nut at lower front of engine behind flywheel 1
1 small stud/nut even lower at front of engine outside of bellhousing area 2
4 studs/nuts along bottom of engine 6
1 long bolt in the middle of left side lifters 7
1 stud/nut below oil cooler 8
2 studs/nuts surrounding oil pump 10
2 studs/nuts surrounding rear oil seal 12
1 long bolt/nut at top rear, below breather 13
2 small studs/nuts to left of breather 15
5 bolts/nuts along top of engine 20
6 large bolts/nuts surrounding crank bearings 26

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