Aircooled Interstate Rescue Squad

Aircooled Interstate Rescue Squad

Founded August of 1999
We have members in all areas of Canada and the U.S. as well as worldwide members!

AIRS is dedicated to assisting the intrepid VW traveler (All models!) when facing the occasional breakdown (of either yourself or your trusted VW). AIRS is a loosely knit group of volunteers of varying abilities who take the time to help other drivers in need. The number of AIRS members is growing daily. There is no president, no dues, no central location, and no shows. AIRS is NOT a loan, babysitting, bail, or towing service. If you need any of those types of things you might do well to look elsewhere. But if your VW leaves you stranded on a friendly or non-friendly highway and you need help,  your looking for a local "vw person" to contact because your new to the area,  or perhaps you'd even like advice or help on saving yourself $$ on that next engine rebuild by trying it yourself, this is a place you can turn to when on the road or at home. Just wont get ya home.

To use this service, simply click on "Locate" at the top of the site. The site will request to use your current location, it's OK. We only use it to find AIRS members near you. You will see a map and a list containing people in that state, who have expressed a willingness to help. If you would like to use the AIRS list for your benefit, you must put your name on the map as well and volunteer your services, whatever they may be. AIRS is a cooperative community that supplies benefits to its members. Please return the favor in kind! The other requirement is that you report bad information such as bad email addresses and phone numbers when using the list.

Please pay attention to whether the person has put *ONLY CALL IF EMERGENCY* and do not call them unless it is an emergency. You can assume they probably do not have time to meet or chat with you, but are still willing to help if your in trouble. To sign up, click the Join AIRS link at the top and fill out the form. It will be up on the site as soon as you validate the email that will be sent to you. Note that you can control how much information is displayed to members, but that at least one form of communication must be present. To be removed from the list, simply uncheck "Display my Information" on the update screen.

If you need to be linked to your old profile, please follow the following sequence:

  1. Register on using the "login" link above.
  2. Click on the "Join AIRS" button aove.
  3. Click "Link my old profile" on the registration page.
We'll receive your request, sprinkle some fairy dust, and you will be linked to your profile. Note that if we cannot email you (such as your old profile had no email address) we might have to call you. This is a minor inconveinence and only needs to be done once. We'll make every attempt to validate you otherwise. If you use Facebook or Google to register, this process will go a little easier as we'll already have your contact information. *Be sure to read the FAQ before signing up or emailing, to answer any questions you may have and ensure things go smoothly*