Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 18:25:50 -0700 From: Charlie Ford To: Subject: Legal as an Eagle On Monday I got stopped, ticketed and informed that my liscence were suspended. On Tuesday I found out why. As I explained in my first post of this week, I had gotten a ticket in Florida a couple years ago, and although I had sent the money in for the ticket somehow it never got credited to the ticket. The cost was $87.50 late charge and all, which I sent out Federal Express on Tuesday evening. On Thursday I recieved a D-6 Clearance form from the City of Clearwater Florida stating thaat the ticket in question had been paid. I immediately turned that around and sent it directly to the Commissioner of Public Safety's office in Georgia. On Friday I called the Georgia PS office at around 1:00 PM, and sure enough I had been reinstated as a legal clear driver. Life is good ain't it? The week was a rush of all sorts of business. But all in all it was easier to clear up than I thought it would be. I actually am glad in a way that it happened. First off it couldn't have happened at a better time, secondly it couldn't have happened any better, and thirdly, it didn't cost me that much money. All in all, phone calls included roughly $220.00. The machine shop I am working at will net me that much plus some, and I have some AmeriCorps jobs coming up in a couple of weeks. While the Mothership was in drydock I got a lot done on her. She now has a new set of shocks. Is the torque setting on shck bolts really only 43 foot pounds? She has a new set of shiny chrome painted rims that make her look like a lot shorter and taller for some reason, and she has a straighter bumper thanks to the expert body work of Bill Bowman. Today I took her out on the christening run. It felt really good to be able to drive down the highway knowing that all was fine with the ride, and the driver. I passed three cops and waved a hearty wave. Somewhere deep inside I think I would have liked to have encountered a liscence check or something, just so I could hear the words come from the officers mouth, "please proceed Mr. Ford, all is fine with your world". It has been a week of realization. I have realized that the trip has created good changes in my psychy. I have learned a little more about The Mothership and her operation. I have found that folks, even government agencies that are made up of folks, will work with you if you talk nice to them and make them laugh. This would be the end of this little saga in the "Search for the beginning of wind". As time goes by I am sure there will be more things come up to write about. I still have about three months to go along with maybe 2000 more miles. I will not be able to leave for Nova Scotia, the third corner, until mid October. Thanks to all of you that sent messages offering assistance if it was needed. Also thanks to all of you that wrote just to say you enjoy my post. It reittereated the fact that this listserv is a true community. if I can help any of you in any way please don't hesitate to call on me. Thanks for tolerating the rambling's. Charlie Ford "79" Transporter, dressed for the road The Mothership The"Turning 40 Nostalgic VW Service Tour, and Search for the Beginning of Wind". http://www.armory. com/~y21cvb/charlie/charlie.html "Wider still and wider.....shall thy bounds be set"