ECU Rev limiter

by Karl von Salzen

All bay EFI ECU's have the 5400 rpm rev limit built into the ECU. The Bentley seems to leave this important bit of info out!! Not just the 79 Cal.....

But if you look in the VW 1st Edition yellow covered Repair Manual, it is listed on pages 28.2 and 28.3. NOT the Bentley, but the FACTORY type 2 manual that Bentley got its info from. Printed 6/76 for 74, 75, and 76 USA and Canada models.

I put a ! after 'almost' because: Page 28.2 says the rotor is the rev limiter for the ED engine but the * says "For California: speed limiter in control unit". So 74/75 FED ECU's do not have it?

Page 23.3 is all 76 GD engines and the speed limiter is in the control unit.

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