Fuel Filters for Fuel Injected Buses

by Jim Thompson

I have not been impressed with the Bosch Fuel Injection or Filters Catalog over the past several years due to inaccuracies particular to the Vanagon Fuel Filters. I find that when using the VW Parts Film for filter look-up, it's far more accurate than the Bosch, which is why I posted the applications and Bosch Numbers in an earlier posting as per VW Parts Film. Almost everytime I have used the Bosch Book, especially for Wasserboxers, it's been wrong. When double-checked with the VW Parts Film, I have always found the correct filter everytime and the listing didn't always jibe with Bosch's.

To reiterate:

VW 133-133-511 (Bosch 0450 901 005)(Short Bosch # 71013)
This is the square, plastic filter:
Beetle and Bus w/EFI 75-79
Vanagon All States 1980
Vanagon Federal Models 81-83 (Air Cooled)
Current Bosch Price is $5.78, VW Dealer gets $10.65

VW 251-201-511A (Bosch 0450 905 030)(Short Bosch # 71028)
This is the round, metal filter:
Vanagon California 81-83 (Air Cooled)
Vanagon Wasserboxer 83-91
Eurovan 92-95
Also fits a huge host of other European vehicles -
Alfa Romeo, BMW, Fiat, Jaguar XJ6, XJS, Renault,
Triumph TR7, other assorted VW Watercooleds and
(Omigosh!) 90-92 Yugos.
Current Bosch Price is $12.64
VW Dealer was getting $34.60, but has superseded it to a 1H0-201-511
which is $17.64

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