34 Pict 3 Carburetor Tuning

by Barb and Eric


  1. Connect tachometer and oil temp gauge and start engine.
  2. Check oil temp is between 122 -158 F ,and shut down engine.
  3. Check that choke is open fully.
  4. Disconnect the accelerator cable from the carb.
  5. Turn idle screw out until it is no longer touching fast idle cam.
  6. Turn idle screw in till it just touches fast idle cam.
  7. Carefully turn volume control screw in till it stops, then turn out 2 1/2 To 3 turns.
  8. Start engine, make sure that choke is open again and reinstall air cleaner.
  9. Set idle speed at 900RPM by the bypass screw.
  10. Turn out volume screw to highest idle speed and then turn back in till RPM drops by 20-30 RPM.
  11. Turn the bypass screw till the idle is correct at 750-900RPM.
  12. Reconnect the accelerator cable.

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