Replacing the vent wing knob

by Karl von Salzen

You don't need rivets or to disassemble anything. ALL you need is a 1/64" pin punch and a good knob/arm. Look at the base of the chrome arm and you will see a roll pin going thru it. Drive out the pin and the arm comes off. Find a bus in a wrecking yard with a good knob/arm on it and drivr out the roll pin. Install it on your window. Watch out for the 68's, they do not use a roll pin and you cannot replace them. Here is a pic of the two different versions:

The one on the left uses a roll pin and is replaceable.

The one on the right is the 68 version, but I have seen them infrequently used up to 71, is not repairable easily.

I have a few extra knobs w/arms if you can't find one.

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