Engine Tin Swaps

by Karl von Salzen

Here is a post from me to the type2 list back in Aug, 2002.

Did you ever find a set of tin? I laid out ALL the pieces needed for a 75-78 2.0. Counting the heater flap valve pipes, the two plates to seal the heater boxes-to-fan housing, and the muffler heat shield; the total is 22 pieces! Here is a pic of all the pieces:

Full set of engine tin

[yes, I have the full set as pictured]

You mentioned putting the 2.0L into a 74. Does this mean you are using the 72-74 style heater boxes?

If yes, then a 2.0L complete tin set will NOT work. You will need to replace 6 pieces with 1700-1800 pieces:

the front lower tin, L + R,
the lower pushrod cover tin, L + R,
the heater valve pipes, L + R,

[and the alternator adjuster/exhaust support is also different]

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