Fuse Boxes

by Karl von Salzen

70, 71, and 72 fuse boxes are different. Each year has its own part number:

411 937 505A is for the 1970 bus.
411 937 505B is for the 1971 bus.
411 937 505C is for the 1972 bus.

Side-by-side, the B and C appear identical. The A is totally different.

The original A was yellow and it split down the middle! VW got smart and made it out of white material in the middle of the 1970 model run and it does not split.

I believe I have one good used A fusebox left...... I know I have a B and a C, they don't split.

BTW, the D is for the 73 411 and the E is for the 74 412. The difference is in the bottom, where the relays are.

The 1971 B fuse box uses 111 953 227A turn signal/hazard relay.

The 70A box uses the 411 941 583 lowbeam/highbeam relay.
From vin 210 2000 001 to 210 2300 000

The 71B box uses the 411 941 583B low/high relay,
from vin 211 2000 001

If you do not have the optical horn [high beam flasher] in your turn signal switch (you do!) then the 70 relay is 411 941 583A and the 71 relay is 411 941 583C.

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