Alternator cover plate

by Karl von Salzen

Question: Does anyone know if this is the correct p/n for the tin-seal-ring for an alternator 022-903-203?

Yes, IF you use it with the replacement 022 alt cover plate. The 021 plate used a different plastic seal ring. If memory serves me: the 021 plastic ring has a raised edge on it to fit in the hole. and is NLA. The 022 ring is flat and has a locking 'tab' to hold it in place at the upper adjustment bolt. The big hole is 2 different sizes between the 021 and 022. You cannot mis-match the rings......

From the Bus Boys site:

K. 021-119-281U Alternator Coverplate, Used 1972 to 1974
K. 022-119-281 Alternator Coverplate, New 1972 to 1979

Note: When using the 022-119-281 plate as a replacement on 1972 to 1974 models, the plastic gasket for the Alternator must be replaced with newer style - order 022-903-203.

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