Transmission Removal ('67 and earlier bus)

by Mike Gensler

Anyone out there wanting to remove a tranny from a split-windowed bus? I just did and it wasn't too bad. A manual would have helped a lot (Muir's and Beetle manuals don't cover the redux boxes) and I couldn't have done it without the help of some individuals on the Type2 list. If I had known what to do ahead of time instead of figuring it out as I went, the total time involved would have been 3-4 hours. Not a trivial task, but do-able in an afternoon or evening.


Tools needed:

Go to it:

BEFORE jacking up the bus:

Time to jack up the bus:

OK, ready to pull the whole thing out?

Make sure there's nothing attached anywhere on the tranny, axle tubes, brake plates (except for the e-brake cables which are already pulled out of their tubes), and redux boxes.

Now for the good stuff. This ONLY applies if you are not planning on taking the entire assembly whole to a local shop to be serviced. I'm shipping mine so will need to break it down a bit more.

Well, that's about all I know about it (for now anyways). I'll be sending my tranny to the shop to be rebuilt and I think I'll send my redux box/axle tubes along as well to have the bearings inspected/replaced as needed. When I get everything back and do the reassembly, I'll write it up too.

Of course, when I put all this back together I'll need some new gaskets and oil seals for the redux boxes - the shop can't put them on because unless you're going to get your tranny back with the tubes and boxes already attached you'll have to do it yourself.

Disclaimer: This write-up was done the same night I finished removing mine so everything should be pretty correct. But bear in mind that I had no manual and no prior knowledge/experience with this so there may be some steps that could have been done easier or better. Safety is THE most important thing to consider when working under any vehicle - especially one as top-heavy as a bus. If you don't have a safe, level place to do this stuff, take it to a shop and pay the extra couple hundred bucks and have it done for you.

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