by Karl von Salzen

That pic from John Perry's site is from me. The one on the left is from the 78/79 Deluxe [brown plaid], the middle one is 74/75 [orange plaid], and the one on the right is from my 77 Deluxe [green plaid].

The height difference is because the 76+ has a swivel pass seat, so the seats sit higher. The storage box/stool, when in place between the seats, are even in height.

Not sure where someone thinks the trash container is red?!? Must be a bad case of color-blindness.....they were all yellow. VERY rare.....I only have one. I saw one on ebarf awhile back, had a cracked handle.....not sure what it sold for..... each time the person put it up, it never met reserve.

Early bay Westies came with 4 legged stools.
68-72 were honey opal naugahyde.
73 were one-year-only mustard cloth.
74/75 NON deluxe Westies were matching plaid.
74 - 79 were plaid, the colors depended on the outer paint color.
74/75 Deluxe were the storage box style

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