Poptop Hinges

by Karl von Salzen

ALL 68 to 79 WESTY hinges are steel where they mount to the body and the top. 68-72 westy hinges had tubular supports made of aluminum, but the mounting parts are steel.

Only the 68-73 front hinged pop tops used rubber tie downs. Never on a 75 WESTY.

68-73 hinges are shorter and are not flat along the bottom. They are curved to fit the contour of the front of the roof. They are 18 3/4" long. They have 3 bolts holding them to the roof, and 2 holding them to the top.

68-72 have tubular supports, they are weak and bend.
73 only are have flat stock steel, like 74+. Stronger.
68 are one-year-only. They attached to the top using countersunk wood screws.

The top ripped off real easy! Starting in 69, VW used carriage bolts that went thru the top. The hinge is now flat where the nut and lockwasher sit. 68 only is not flat, has a raised circle where the counter-sunk screw goes. Also, 68 was the only year that VW put a vinyl strip between the paint and the hinge.

74-79 hinges are 23 1/2" long. 3 bolts hold it to the roof and 3 bolts on the top.

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