Volkswagen Links

These e-mail lists are excellent technical resources for Volkswagen owners:
This is the official web site for the Type2 e-mail list. This list is for bay-window Buses.
This is the site for the vintagebus list, which is for split-windshield Buses. This site also has lots of great pics and lots of wiring diagrams.
This is the official web site for the Vanagon e-mail list. This list is for Vanagons and EuroVans.
This site is for the Type 3 e-mail list. This list is for the Volkswagen Type 3 cars.

VW Vortex
Great site for Volkswagen news, and good discussion forums as well.

Club B5
Great site specific to the Volkswagen B5 Passat platform. Good information and discussion forums.

Dave Easterwood's web pages.
This site is really nice, lots of great pictures, including a restoration project in progress on a '64 21-window Bus and pictures of Dave's Type III Karmann Ghia.

Karmann Ghia World.
This page is dedicated to the VW Karmann Ghia.

The Internet 181 Club.
This page is dedicated to the Volkswagen Thing (or 181, as VW officially called it).

Sean Mason's Thing Page.
This is another Thing page, and this one has some excerpts from the owner's manual on it. Also has lots of links.

Tom Carrington's Pages.
Tom Carrington has some very good Vanagon technical information here.

This place has good prices on parts for VWs. Kyle Wade is a nice, helpful guy to do business with.

The Bus Depot.
The Bus Depot is a business started by Type2 listmember Ron Salmon. I've ordered from the Bus Depot quite a bit.

Volkswagen's various worldwide corporate sites have web pages, allowing you to see what the lucky folks in other parts of the world can buy that us here in the USA can't. Check out the below sites:
Volkswagen Asia Pacific.
Volkswagen Australia.
Volkswagen Austria.
Volkswagen Belgium.
Volkswagen Brazil.
Volkswagen Denmark.
Volkswagen France.
Volkswagen Germany.
Volkswagen Japan.
Volkswagen Mexico.
Volkswagen Russia.
Volkswagen South Africa.
Volkswagen Switzerland.
Volkswagen United Kingdom.