1970 Ex-Police van

1970 Ex-Police van

The Story

On the 21st of 1999 I purchased a 1970 Kombi. According to the previous owner it is a former vehicle of the Dutch Police. I have done some research and found two other people who own a 1970 Ex-Policevan. The vehicles have the same color: dark blue.

The bus wasn't running when I bought it. The clutch didn't work. This problem was easily fixed thanks to the early bus design which is very friendly to dedicated engine-removers like myself. Simply remove the bumper, the rear plate under the engine lid, a few bolts, stick a jack on wheels under the engine and roll it out. We were used to late Baywindows, they have the rear plate welded to the body which makes it a whole lot harder to remove the engine.

The clutch problem became obvious with the engine out: the release bearing had broken. Fortunately I had a spare...It didn't look like the 1970 bearing at all...drat! off we went to the PO (Previous Owner). He checked his hughe collection of gearboxes...no 1970-compatible bearing was there.

so it turned out that VW used a different one from 1968 until 1970. Drat! Onwards... to the nearest VW-Dealer. A little checkup on their computer revealed that the bearing was used from 1968 until 1970. Not in available in their stock, so I would have to wait a couple of days, the price: only 97 guilders (45 US Dollars).

To be continued...

front rear engine dashboard
Vehicle Data

I was curious about the data on this bus so I wrote the VW Museum in Wolfsburg. I asked them for a so called "Birthcertificate". It costs DM 20.- (about $10 US). If you like to order such a certificate for your own VW just follow this link: http://www.ploon.nl/contact.htm.



Vincent Molenaar

Vehicle Ident. Nr.:

230 2 241 209


231-011 VW-Kombi

Engine No.:

B0 451 657


523544 Sonderlackierung (special paint)


* L15/046/047/102/119/208

Built on:


left factory on:


Country of destination:

Niederlande (The Netherlands)


* Fortsetzung M-Ausstattungen 500/623/745
(M-codes continued 500/623/745)


Here's the data from the M-plate. It's fixed behind the drivers seat in every T2 from 1968 until 1976. Most of the info can also be found on the birthcertificate from the VW-Museum. I would especially like to thank Alexander Prinz from Germany for telling me everything about the mysterious M-codes "L15" and "745".

More info on the M-plate: http://drive.to/mcodes

02 241 209
119 208 500 623 745
523544L15 046 047 102
26 67201HO2310 11

02 241 209

Chassis number


M-code - Eberspächer heater BN4


M-code - Trailer hitch


M-code - Full width partition between cabin and load compartment


M-code - Fully suppressed version


Control number for production ("Steuer nummer")(?)


523544 - Special paint ("Sonderlackierung"), for Dutch Police vehicles:
dark blue with white roof, dark beige upholstery


Collection of m-codes (only for The Netherlands):
032 - Lockable filler cap for fuel tank
094 - Lockable engine lid
120 - ???
248 - Ignition-starter switch without steering lock


M-code - Side turn signals


M-code - Back-up lights


M-code - Rear window defogger

26 6

Production date (???) Week 26, Saturday, 1970


- Unknown Code -


Country of destination: The Netherlands (Holland)

2310 11

2 - Type 2
3 - Kombi
1 - Steer left, sliding door right
0 - No extra options
1 - Type 1 engine (1600cc)
1 - Manual 4-speed gearbox


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