1971 kastenwagen

"Die Grotte"

Die Grotte
General info

VW Transporter Panelvan
AD 184 040 X
(1600cc engine revised by VW)
fleet status
still in fleet
current status
stored in barn
daily driver during summer 2004

Previous owners

For as far as I can figure out this is the list of previous owners. Some of the history remains unclear. I Only know Erik Meltzer and Jens Zeemans in person. Mr Lempert and Mrs Seeger-Riemer are both mentioned on the German registration papers that came with the car. I tried to trace them but I could only find Mrs Seeger-Riemer. I called her in 2002 but got no satisfying response from her. For some reason (I have no clue why) she didn't want to talk about the car. So if you happen to know how I can contact Ole Lempert or know any of the owners before 1989 I would be glad if you would let me know!

I suppose the first owner was the car-rental company 'Interrent'. I compared some unusual things on this car with another Interrent car and they matched (the colour, the VW car radio, the black interior and the hardboard panels in the cargo area). The only difference was that Die Grotte doesn't have M127 ('rear hatch without window').

  name location Licence plate from until
1 Interrent Hamburg, West Germany ??? March 1st, 1971 ???
2 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
3 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
4 Karin Seeger-Riemer West Berlin, West Germany B-CH 8686 (?) ??? April 17th, 1989
5 Ole Lempert West Berlin, West Germany B-CH 8686 April 17th, 1989 June 4th, 1991 (?)
6 ??? Braunschweig, Germany (?) - ??? ???
7 Erik Meltzer Braunschweig, Germany - 1997 September 3rd, 2000
8 Jens Zeemans Goutum, The Netherlands - September 3rd, 2000 10th of May, 2001
9 Vincent Molenaar Leeuwarden, The Netherlands BE-46-21 10th of May, 2001 -

The Story

Early 2001 I was being depressed not having a bus to drive anymore". My VW-friend Jens had picked up a 1971 panelvan in Germany half a year earlier. Since he didn't have any plans with it he said I could have the car if I wanted it. I didn't want to have another rustbucket, I already had 4 cars like that. I just wanted to have a car that I could pull through inspections fairly easy, especially without welding. We inspected the car and discovered the whole bottom of the car had been renewed somewhere in the 10 years that it ben standing still. No rust-holes at all, someone must have put a lot of welding hours in this car! I am really greatful for all this because rustholes are my biggest fear when it comes to old VW's and roadinspections. The only thing that turned out to be a problem were the old type of discbrakes on the front...

To be continued...

front left side rear right side cabin
cabin instrument panel engine bay thingy in engine bay slidingdoors
Vehicle Data

The previous owner (Jens Zeemans) wrote the VW Museum in Wolfsburg. He asked them for a so called "Birthcertificate". It costs DM 20.- (about $10 US). If you like to order such a certificate for your own VW just follow this link: http://www.ploon.nl/contact.php.



Jens Zeemans

Vehicle Ident. Nr.:

211 2 150 257


VW-Kastenwagen (panelvan)

Engine No.:

AD 170 840


nicht identifizierbar (cannot be identified)


* 65/95/172/502/762

Built on:


left factory on:


Country of destination:

Raffay, Hamburg




Here's the data from the M-plate. It's fixed behind the drivers seat in every T2 from 1968 until 1976. Most of the info can also be found on the birthcertificate from the VW-Museum. I would especially like to thank Alexander Prinz from Germany for informing me about the special colour of this car: Sonderlackierung 521508.

More info on the M-plate: http://www.type2.com/m-codes/

12 150 257
502 762
521508 A06 065 095 172
08 3 7070 023 2110 11

12 150 257

Chassis number


M-code - fiberboard plates fitted in loadcompartment


M-code - black interior (seats and doorpanels) picture


5 - special paintinginstructions were applied
21 - they were applied to a VW type 21 (= panelvan)
508 - 'blau L239 (RAL 5010)'


collection of m-codes: picture
500 - Full width metal partition between cabin and loadcompartment
510 - upper partition made of fiberboard, fitted between cabin and loadcompartment


M-code - with writings of maximum axleloads above the wheels and maximum weight on front of car


M-code - car radio "Wolfsburg" (MW, LW and tapeplayerconection) picture


M-code - tubeless steel-ply tires 185 SR 14zX

08 3

'planned' production date(?): week 08, Wednesday, 1971 (= February 24th, 1971)


7 - produced in: Hannover, West Germany
010 - 10th vehicle produced this production day


destinationcode: VW-dealer "Raffay", Hamburg, West Germany

2110 11

2 - Type 2
1 - Kastenwagen
1 - Steer left, sliding door right
0 - No extra options
1 - Type 1 engine (1600cc)
1 - Manual 4-speed gearbox


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