1977 Delivery van 'Concordia'

1977 Delivery van Concordia

The Story

On June 5th, 1976 this bus left the factory in Hannover. It's one of the first busses of Modelyear 1977. The first owner of this bus was a company called Stichting Groninger Woningbouw Concordia, Translation: Groningen Housing Assosiation Concordia. Somewhere in the late 1980ties the front beam got severly damaged. It probably wasn't worthwile to repair the van so it was parked as a parts supplier behind the VW dealer who actually sold it when it was new.

In spring 1998 Peter Witkamp bought it. He had it parked beside his house. I said I liked the van but then he mentioned he was going to part it out. I thought that would be a waste. How many original panel vans are left with the original company writing still on it? Plus that this bus was in a very good condition. So I bought it and now it is waiting to be restored. I got all the parts to complete it, now I need the money for welding and bodywork.

To be continued...


at Witkamp's place the writing rear engine?
Concordia logo on sliding door cargo compartment front cargo compartment rear
Vehicle Data

Last year I filled out a form on internet for a request of information of my 1977 deliveryvan. This was a free service provided by Volkswagen, Germany. The letter gives nice info on the bus, but I heard the certificate provided by the VW Museum is even nicer, so I decided to order the certificate as well. The letter service was free but I heard it is no longer available. The certificate costs 10 DM (about $5 US). For more info travel to Pim van Loon's homepage: http://www.ploon.nl/contact.htm.

The letter (also a song by the Box Tops)

Letter from VW AG VIN 217 2 001 884

Dear Mr. Molenaar,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Gladly we are of assistance to you. In connection with your vehicle our records reveal the following data:

Production Date:
Delivery Date:
Delivered to:
AS 423 746
not registered
not registered
July 5th, 1976
Other than the above mentioned information is, regrettably, not available. Always at your service we remain,

Yours sincerely,

Steffi GründelNicole Trute

The certificate



Vincent Molenaar

Vehicle Ident. Nr.:

217 2 001 884


211-011 VW-Kastenwagen (deliveryvan)

Engine No.:

AS 423 746


J6J677 neptunblau (neptune blue)



Built on:

nicht registriert (not registered)

left factory on:


Country of destination:

Niederlande (The Netherlands)



Here's the data from the M-plate. It's fixed on the fresh air pipe on the drivers side under the dashboard of every T2 from 1977 until 1979. Most of the info can also be found on the birthcertificate from the VW-Museum. More info on the M-plate: http://drive.to/m-codes

72 001 884
J6J677B30 085 500 510
28 47042HO2110 11

72 001 209

Chassis number


M-code - ???


J6 - Paint lower part: Neptune Blue (L 50 K)
J6 - Paint upper part: Neptune Blue (L 50 K)
77 - Interior: Canyon Brown


M-code - probably a collection of M-codes for the Dutch market: Ventilation windows in cabin doors, Brake servo, handbrake and dual-brakecircuit warninglamp...(?)


M-code - ???


M-code - Full width partition between cabin and load compartment


M-code - Partition upper between cabin and load compartment (for vehicles with M500 only)

28 4

Production date (???) Week 28, Thursday, 1976


- Unknown Code -


Country of destination: The Netherlands (Holland)

2110 11

2 - Type 2
1 - Delivery van
1 - Steer left, sliding door right
0 - No extra options
1 - Type 1 engine (1600cc)
1 - Manual 4-speed gearbox


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