1978 Champagne Edition II Microbus (S765)

"Champagne Bus"

General info

VW Microbus 7-seater
GE 029 516
(2000cc Aircooled boxer engine with fuel injection and exhaust gas recirculation)
fleet status
waiting for registration
current status
stored in barn
stop the rust. keep it in original shape for the moment. restoration later on. drive only when sun is shining

The Story

September 2003
On VWEuro I meet Bennie Kuiper and we talk about the weird M-code 'S765' that appears in the M-code list of the baywindow parts-microfiche. It reads 'Special Salescampaign (USA)'. Bennie says instantly "That must be the Champagne Edition bus!". He read on the Type2 mailinglist about someone who restored such a bus. A few days later Bennie sends me the URL to the Website of Dave C. Bolen and I get fascinated by this 'action model'. I decide that if there is one late baywindow I would ever want to add to my collection than this is the one!

February 2004
I read a message on the Type2.com mailinglist that a Champagne bus is for sale. My first thought was "Let's see if there is a link to any interesting pictures"...no intention yet to buy anything. Reading through the message I though "this van sounds pretty good"...then I read the price....I started reading back to the description of the bus. Before I knew it I was checking out shipping prices to the Netherlands :-) I made a few phonecalls with the seller. Contemplated the risks involved in this adventure. Then finally on the 18th of February I decided to buy the bus. I called the seller again to hear if it was still there...and it was!!....woohoo!
March 2004
The bus was driven aboard the Ro/Ro ship 'Texas' of Wallenius Wilhelmsen on the 18th/19th of March. Coincidentally 'Texas' is also the state where the bus was first sold in June 1978.

April 2004
On the 5th of April the bus arrives in Flushing, The Netherlands. 9 Days later, Wednesday the 14th, my father and I drive to the harbour with my '82 Vanagon to pick it up.

Vehicle history

The bus was built in april 1978 and then shipped to the USA. Where it entered the USA exactly is a unclear to me as the M-plate states it had the destination "Columbus via Baltimore" while the original receipt says "port of destination: Houston".

Click on the image below to view the receipt
original receipt

The first owner bought the bus June the 6th, 1978 at Economy Cars Inc, Dallas, Texas. He sold it December 22nd, 2003. Here is an overview of the previous owners:

owner from until mileage town country
1st June 1st, 1978 December 22nd, 2003 000025 Dallas TX, later: Virginia Beach VA United States
2nd December 22nd February 18th, 2004 129705 Virginia Beach VA United States
3rd February 18th, 2004 - now - 129706 Leeuwarden The Netherlands

Vehicle Data

The Champagne Edition II package
The special interior and the striping on this bus are part of the Champagne Edition II ('CEII') package (the thin white stripes were added by the first owner I think). The CEII buses came in a 7-seater microbus version and as a Deluxe Westfalia Campmobile. The Campmobile has a totally diffferent look than the microbus. The only similarities are certain optional extra's, and the 'Saddle Brown' colored parts that were used such as the dashboard unit.


Here's the data from the M-plate. It's fixed on top of the fresh air pipe under the dashboard (right beside the fusebox). On 1976 models and earlier it can be found on the metal partition behind the driversseat.

82 115 939
4817V1 D61 227
14 3 7270 UB 2218 61
82 115 939

8 - modelyear 1978
2 - extra nr. to distinguish it from 60ties chassisnrs.
115 939 - serial number

paint and interior:
4817  - bodycolour: dattelbraun LH8A
   - roofcolour: fuchsrot LH3A
V1 - interior: siena (rot-braun)(cloth)

Collection of M-codes:
012 - exhaust emission control installation and speedometer in miles instead of kilometers
067 - 12 V 54 A battery instead of standard 12 V 45 A battery
102 - rear window heating
162 - rubber strips for bumpers
508 - one sliding window in sliding door and one in the opposite side panel of the passenger compartment
568 - tinted windows and windshield, with laminated windshield
652 - interval switch on windshield wipers and wash-wipe installation.
765 - special salescampaign USA (Champagne Edition II package)

detachable headrests for all seats in cabin
14 3

planned production date:
week 14, day 3(=Wednesday), 1978:
5th of April, 1978

code used for production planning

USA, Columbus via Baltimore

2 - VW Type 2 (= Transporter)

2 - microbus
1 - LHD, sliding door right
8 - 7-seater version (= M147)
engine and transmission:
6 - 2000cc aircooled engine with fuel injection
1 - 4-speed manual gearbox

Champagne Edition links

Dave C. Bolen http://www.shockwaverider.com/78buspre/
pictures of his bus before restoration
pictures of the new engine
  http://www.shockwaverider.com/newbus/ pictures of the bus after restoration 
 Brochure http://www.72camper.com/champagne.htm
C.E. II brochure


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