6-UP, new style

The Story

My very first car: a 1978 Kombi. It used to be Taiga Green which I hated, so I turned it into this type of green by simply using a 'roller' and metal-paint. The paint turned out not to be such a god idea when you decide you want to remove it again.

Since I bought the 6-UP, it has been upgraded several times. First it got new cabin doors plus a new rear hatch. But then the real upgrading started by adding the following items:

  • rear window defroster
  • headrests
  • original VW 3-point seatbelts
  • blower to boost the hot airflow while waiting for traffic lights
  • ventilation windows in passenger compartment
  • fresh air pipes to passenger compartment
  • mum-made curtains
  • Westfalia trailer-hitch
  • Westfalia SO-67 interior from 1969
  • rear fog lamp to warn car-drivers in rear for 6-UP not being elephant
    (used to have the "leaking exhaust option" for that purpose)
  • Unfortunately I can't drive it anymore. It has soo many spots where it needs welding to pass inspections, I decided to concentrate on my other vehicles until I have money to get some professional equipment to finish the job. Looking at the quality of the bus it should actually be junked, but I got attached to it after all those years that I do not want to part with it. So now it's resting somewhere in a dusty barn in the north.


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