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The 6-Up at the Promenade des Anglais, Nice
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Welcome to my personal homepage

This site is about my major hobby: aircooled Volkswagens. Below is an overview of the vehicles currently starring in my fleet. Plus the ones that once were there but are now sold or scrapped. If you like you can leave a note in my guestbook:

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Currently starring in my fleet (in order of purchase)

1. 6-Up 1978 kombi waiting for restoration
2. Concordia 1977 panelvan waiting for restoration
3. Policevan 1970 kombi waiting for restoration
4. Die Grotte 1971 panelvan waiting...
5. T3 1982 panelvan (crewcab conversion) daily driver
6. Bakbus 1973 single cab with Westfalia platform for sale
6. Champagne bus 1978 microbus Champagne Edition II waiting for registration

previously starring in my fleet (in order of purchase)

1. Dukapano 1976 Crew Cab recycled
2. AK-92 1974 Beetle sold
3. Franekerbus 1976 Delivery van recycled
4. Summer of '69 1969 Westfalia camper recycled
5. Gjaltbus 1979 Kombi sold
6. Croky de Krokante Kever
(Croky the Crunchy Beetle
1973 Beetle 1200 sold
7. sliding roof bus 1979 Kombi recycled
8. Nijetrijnebus 1969 Panelvan recycled
9. Fastback 1971 1600TL Automatic sold
9. Skunk 1973 Beetle 1303S sold


ID-plate M-plate

Recognize these plates? They are fixed in all Volkswagen Transporters from 1958 until 1979. If you want to know more about them, simply follow this link:

- Type 2 Production codes -


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