Quick Valve Adjust

by Brian Verbeek

When i want to adjust valves i remove both valve covers and put the crankshaft pulley on it's TDC mark, then i can adjust the three front most valves on the one side and the rear most valve on the other side, then i turn the crank one revolution and adjust the rest of the valves.

For instance, when you put the pulley on its TDC mark, and it happens to be cyl.1 that going to fire, both valves on cyl.#1 have play and both can be adjusted, the lobe of the inlet valve of cyl.#2 points towards 7 o-clock if looked at from the pulley side, away from the #2 inlet lifter, so it can be adjusted, the cyl.#3 exhaust points towards 5 o-clock, away from the #3 exhaust lifter and can be adjusted, all these valves together equals the three right front valves and the left rear valve, turn the pulley one revolution and you'll get the opposite situation, then you can adjust the #3 in. and ex., #4 in. and #2 out which translates to the left three fronts and the right rear one. I also use this method on T4s and Porsche 356s. It's harder to describe than it is to actually do it.

However, you can always check if the above method works yourself, adjust your valves like you always do, and then check them how i described to adjust them.

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