Jalousie Window Installation ('68-'79 Type 2)

by Chris Cybulski

First pull out whatever glass is in there. A razor to cut the seal, a screwdriver to bend the tabs for the wing window that are hidden inside underneath the seal and a fist to pound the old glass out.

Second, prep the frame. Get it good and clean. Rust? Then sand and prep with POR 15 or your favorite toxic brew. Make those frames nice and smooth. Maybe even wax them up.

What shape are your jalousie windows in? Pull the screens and hose them off. A Little soap and water for good measure! Now, some 0000 steel wool will bring a nice shine to those old oxidized aluminum frames. You would be suprised how nice they look.

And now for the hard part: the seals. Do you have new ones? Fit the seal around the outer metal part of the jalousie window. It will seem a bit loose. Now for the really hard part. The rest of the seal (except for the corner area of the windows) must be pushed in the groove that is made by the space between where you just put the seal and the back side of the screw track. This seems an impossible task but it can be done. Start on the end of one of the tracks. The use a screwdriver push back as you push down with your other hand. It will start to lock itself in the groove and then you can run the screwdriver at a 45 degree angle and drag it along the seal and it will push in. Repeat this process ad infinitum. I cannot tell you how much this part sucked but it is why the buggers wouldn't fit right the first time:) Take you time and think good thoughts. Maybe it will be easier for you.

Back to the bus. If you are installing jalousie windows in a bus that never had them you will need to drill some holes. I think the Bentley specs 13 but I drilled four on top four on the bottom and 2 on each side. You will be using 1/2" #4 machine screws for the install(#6 if you screw tracks are buggered.) Pick a drill bit that is just a hair smaller than the screw and drill you holes in the bus window frame a drill bits width in from the edge so they will line up with the screw track. You might wanna dry fit the windows first so you can visualize the process as you drill.

Go in the house and get some liquid dish soap. Smear the soap on inside of the seals and on the bus window frame. Put some kite string in the outside groove of the seal. Although this practice is really for putting in regular glass it made it easier to get the seal set once it is installed.

I did one window installation with a helper in the bus and me outside pushing, and the other I did by myself. Do not be a island. Get some help. You will be happier. Now, slide the top of the window up and then in. This is kinda like getting the screens in and out. Now push!!!!! Harder!!!!!! One person holds the window in with pressure while the other starts inserting screws. This will draw the window snuggly into the frame. Once all the screws are in you can pull the string out that you wrapped around the seal groove and it will pull the flap of the seal out so that water does not get in. We have had 5 drenching storms and a 3 day rain and I have no leaks. I guess I did something right for a change.

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