AFC Troubleshooting

This resource only applies directly to '74 and '75 fuel-injected busses and bugs. However, since the L-Jetronic changed only slightly over the years, the resource should also be useful for later model years, but with a caveat.

We recommend that you also check out the Bosch L-Jetronic Workshop Manual. A scanned copy can be downloaded from this site.

This troubleshooting guide was put together by Type2 list members Eric Towell, Michael Wagner, and Sami Dakhlia. We would like this to be a growing resource that will be supplemented and improved by other list members' comments, tips, descriptions of procedures, photos, graphs, etc. If you find this site useful, if it helped you diagnose a problem, or if you found it frustrating, please let us know. Please send your comments to this address.


Description of fuel injection parts (by Sean Bartnik):

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Josh's Type 2 Technical Resource Library - Fuel Systems

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